Active list login updating accessed

I’ve tested this in my own lab by changing the Department and Title properties for a user account in AD and then forcing a Full sync in Share Point, and it appeared to work as expected.

The user property changes were replicated from AD into the user profile, the userinfo table, and into the hidden User Information List in the site collection.

The User Information List (“/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx” or “_catalogs/users/detail.aspx”) is a hidden list in each site collection that is only visible and accessible to Site Collection Administrators.

The User Information List stores metadata information about a user.

Example Power Shell for a Share Point 2013 claims-enabled web site…

If there are only few user accounts having inconsistent metadata in the site collection, the easiest fix might be to run the Remove-SPUser cmdlet to remove each user from the site collection (which removes them from User Information List).

Be aware that A Share Point Farm Administrator can set policies on each user property in a user profile to help govern how the information in that property can be used, and one relevant policy property is Replicable.

From my observation, it appears that Share Point will refresh the user metadata properties from the user profile after the next profile synchronization runs (you may have to wait for an hour for the sync job to run successfully).For a property to be replicated, its default privacy setting must be set to Everyone and the User can override policy must not be selected.However, things can go awry and sometimes certain users’ profile metadata in a User Information List for unknown/mysterious reasons just ceases to get replicated updates from a profile sync run. Share Point maintains a mapping between the Profile DB and content DB userinfo table, based on “[Profile DB].[dbo].[User Profile_Full].You can run the a Power Shell script similar to following example to dump items in the list and get an idea of the other user properties stored in this list.Whenever you grant a user rights to a Site Collection or when that user creates/updates/deletes any item within a Site Collection, a new item will be created in the User Information List storing some metadata information about that Active Directory (AD) User, if not already there.

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