A night of death and dating

She assisted Rand and Wing in their conflict with the Hand and Harold Meachum.All of Temple's own experience with the Hand led to Temple bringing together all her powered allies to form the Defenders to bring down the ancient organisation with Temple's assistance.Temple made a snap decision to bring the man into her home for treatment without calling an ambulance.They brought the man inside her apartment where, after she told Santino to go home and not tell anyone, she worked on his wounds, discovering multiple fractured ribs and possible stab wounds in his side.She was present when three men entered Metro-General Hospital with nine broken bones between them; police later informed her that the men had been attacking and stealing money from tourists until a masked man had stopped them.She later treated a nineteen year old girl who had been attacked and almost raped by a man, only for a man in a black mask to save her.

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Sentencing Tebbs to life imprisonment and ordering he serve at least 19 years, Judge Mc Creath said: 'Kate Dixon, of whom we have heard much during this trial and of whom we have heard more from the moving statement read to the court this morning, was a good, kind and much loved woman.'The evidence I have heard makes it plain that even from the time she tried to end her relationship with you, a combination of that kindness, her affection for you and the domination you exercised over her made it impossible for her to do so.Temple, on her night off work, was told by Santino that there was a man with a black mask in the dumpster outside their apartment building.Temple and Santino ran out to investigate and when Temple looked at the man, she recognized him as the man she had been hearing about who had been attacking criminals and protecting innocent people.Once on the roof, the man tied up the thug and spoke to Temple; she asked if the man could hear them but the man insisted that he was unconscious, although he did not check his pulse but seemingly listened to hear if he was awake.This proved to be Temple's breaking point and she demanded to learn how the man could do the things he could do and why she should put her trust in him, but Mike turned the question to her and asked why she helped him.

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