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Also I can't believe they are rushing season 10 immediately.

Seems unfair to both the All Stars 3 cast and Season 10 cast to have them right on top of each other, rather than giving them seperate times in the spotlight.

I’m concerned this season will be dominated by “resting on looks” queens, both in and out of drag.

Many of these guys are very attractive and in the past that meant lazy, from Pearl and Milk who are both milquetoast to Valentina who couldn’t even be bothered to memorize lyrics.

Why has Call Me by Your Name attained such an iconic “gay” status when it is anything but?

When its main characters seem almost aggressively isolated from gay culture or politics?

Bitch, no one wants to watch 14 pagenty suck ups talking about "sisterhood".That unedited interview makes everyone come across as basic.I found Sasha bearable on her season, but good gods, R42, it really was painful.She's my vote for first off - unless extreme talent (she can do a back bend I see) keeps her in.In that case, then Aquariavis out of here (another busted look).

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