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My response is always the same: Choose a neighborhood, go there and wander.One of my favorite hoods for this is the West Village, as well as the adjoining Greenwich Village.New history, new characters and a new world, all ingredients for a good time with or without child !As a native New Yorker and a licensed tour guide I’m constantly being asked my opinion on what the must-have experiences are in the city.

You can read the whole history here or watch this short documentary: What’s very cool about the neighborhood is it still has a very bohemian, independent feel.

The Department said the village's organization, architecture, stone tools and evidence of agriculture and hunting are elements that are very similar to those that have already been identified in the early Pre-Pottery Neolithic Levant between 11,500 and 10,500 years ago.

"Ayios Tychonas-Klimonas has demonstrated that, even though Cyprus was separated from the continent by more than 70 kilometers of sea, the island was part of broader Near Eastern Neolithic developments," the Department said.

Price range: 5-0 per night, including a continental breakfast and free Wi-Fi.

What can be confusing to many visitors is how NYC neighborhoods quickly blend into one another.

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